Fitness Classes We Offer

Lighthouse Dance fitness classes are designed for dancers and non-dancers alike. Both will benefit from taking our fitness classes, increasing their strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, and “turn-out” necessary for dance technique.

Barre Fit

Our Barre Fit classes combine Dance, Pilates, Stretching, and Balance for a highly effective total body workout. Barre fit is designed for dancers and non-dancers alike. Students will utilize ballet barres, light weights, and balls for a workout unlike any other.

*Must be 13+ to enroll in this class.

We also offer a “Mommy and Me” Barre Fit class.

Mommy and Me “Baby-Wearing Ballet”

Our Mommy and Me Baby Wearing Class is for mothers (or grandmas or caretakers) with babies or toddlers young enough to be worn in a carrier such as a wrap, front or back carrier, or sling. We will incorporate warm up, ballet barre work, across the floor and centre floor routines all while wearing our little ones. (To schedule this class, find 2 or 3 other moms who want to do the class, let us know what time works for you all, and we can make the class for you)

*Please bring your own baby carrier.

2019 Summer Fitness Schedule Starting June 4th:

9:30-10:30AM Barre Fit (Childcare provided for $2.50 per child)

6:30-7:30PM Barre Fit

Wednesday:(Childcare provided for $2.50 per child)
9:30-10:30AM Barre Fit

Friday:(Childcare provided for $2.50 per child)
9:30-10:30AM Barre Fit

Saturday: )
9:00-10:00AM Barre Fit

Fitness Class Pricing



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