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Nativity Live Stream Page

Here is the live stream link. Click this link to open the video player at the show time:


Show times:
December 8th 6:30PM
December 9th 4:00PM
December 9th 6:30PM

Click here for the PDF of the show program!

You can maximize the video player for full screen.

Troubleshooting tips if you have issues with the live stream above:

– Try refreshing the page.
– Try a different browser.
– Try a different device.
– Make sure no one else is using your Internet.

The quality of your stream depends on many factors that occur between our computer and yours. There’s not anything we can do on our end to improve your stream quality, as the venue is streaming it at high quality already on a very fast connection. If you have such issues that you’re unable to stream AT ALL, then you may contact us for a refund. But if its a matter of stream quality, that’s a variable to be expected. Enjoy!

It's Time to Shine!