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Summer Camps and Classes

Register here for our 2021 Summer Dance Program!

We offer a variety of summer camps, classes, and workshops!

The theme for our 2021 Summer Dance program is “Story.” We all have favorite stories that inspire us, challenge us, and cause us to grow. The Bible is filled with stories that capture our hearts and lead us to Jesus. Every person has their own story to tell and dance can be a powerful way to tell that story. Our summer camps, classes, and workshops are all designed with the theme of “Story” in mind.

Summer Dance Classes  4 Week Sessions

Session 1 – June 7th-29th
Session 2 – July 12th-August 3rd

Cost: $95/Session for 90 minute class per week, $80/session for 75 minute class per week, $65/session for 60 minute class per week, $50/session for 45 minute class per week, and $40/session for 30 minute classes per week.  For more info about classes check out our class descriptions.

Payment for summer camps, classes, and workshops is non-refundable and due at the time of registration.


9:00-9:30am – Tots & Tutus (18 months to 3 years)
9:30-10:15am – Pre-Combo 3-4
9:30-10:15am – Pre-Combo 5-6

4:15-5:00pm – Pre-Combo 5-6
4:15-5:15pm – Lyrical/Contemporary 1/2

5:15-6:15pm – Ballet 1
5:15-6:15pm – Ballet 2
6:15-7:30pm – Ballet 4/5
6:15-7:30pm – Ballet 3

7:30-8:30 – Lyrical/Contemporary 3/4
7:30-8:30 – Pointe all levels


4:00-4:30pm – Tots & Tutus (18 months to 3 years)
4:00-4:30pm – Pre-Hip Hop ages 4-6
4:30-5:15pm – Pre-Combo 3-4
4:30-5:15pm – Hip Hop ages 7-9

5:15-6:15pm – Leaps,Turns and Jazz Technique ages 7-9
5:15-6:15pm – Leaps, Turns and Jazz Technique ages 10 and Up Beginning/Intermediate
5:15-6:15pm – Hip Hop ages 12 and Up Intermediate/Advanced

6:15-7:15pm – Leaps, Turns and Jazz Technique ages 12 and Up Advanced
6:15-7:15pm – Hip Hop Ages 10 and Up Beginning/Intermediate
7:15-8:30pm – Ballet 4/5

Summer Barre Fitness Schedule


Princess Camp!
In Princess Camp, dancers will grow in the knowledge of who they are as daughters of the King. Imagination will take us all over the kingdom to see plants and animals grow, and to learn about how we can grow as daughters of the King in faith, love, and confidence. Our princesses will receive a special jewel each day like pearls, rubies, or diamonds, as they learn to grow in manners, grace, and acts of kindness. Our Princess camp includes plenty of dance, story time, craft, and a short performance on the last day of class at 11:00am.

Session 1 – June 15th-17th
Session 2 – July 6th-8th
Session 3 – August 10th-12th
Who: Girls Ages 3-8
Time: 9:30-11:00am
What to wear/bring: Princess costumes, dance costumes, tutus, or leotard and tights, ballet shoes and a water bottle.
Cost: $65

Super Hero Camp!
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a dancing Superhero! This is a fast paced summer camp that is catered towards the unmatched energy of a hero. Our super heroes will learn about Biblical super heroes like Elijah, Moses, and Paul. These mighty boys will get to show off their hip hop and tap dancing powers in this summer dance camp that includes a hip hop and tap dance, story time, craft, and a short performance on the last day of class at 11:00am.

July 6th-8th
Who: Boys Ages 3-8
Time: 9:30-11:00am
What to wear/bring: Super hero shirts and capes, t-shirts, and comfortable pants or shorts, clean sneakers and a water bottle. If you have tap shoes, please bring them, otherwise tap shoes are not required.
Cost: $65

Summer Dance Camp
Summer dance camp is designed to be fun, challenging, and full of variety.  Dancers will grow in ballet, jazz, contemporary, modern, and lyrical technique.  In addition, each day we will offer an out of the ordinary workshop such as Israeli, Musical Theater, or African Dance.  We will begin each day with a time of worship and a devotional focusing on the theme of story.

When: July 19th – 22nd
Who: Students ages 7 to 11 and 12 through adult (Dancer’s will be grouped by age and level of dance experience.)
Time: 10:30am-2:30pm
What to wear: – Leggings, modest t-shirt or tank top, or leotard and tights with skirts. Bring whatever dance shoes you own along with plenty of water and a sack lunch.
Cost: $165

Summer Workshops  – Soon to be announced! 
Cost: $15 per workshop

It's Time to Shine!