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Online Classes

Welcome to your virtual dance studio. Here’s how to join your class. You can do this in any web browser on any computer or mobile device such as a phone or ipad.

1) First you’ll need to login to your customer account. If you forgot your password, you can use the “Forgot Password” link. Contact us if you still need help getting into your account. For Barre classes, use the other link you’ll find below.

Click Here to Login Now

Click Here for Barre Fitness (Use password we emailed to customers)

2) After logging in, you can navigate to your class from the links on your account home page (Click the “Read More” link on the class list to see all classes). On the day of your class, you’ll also see your class listed on the right side of the page, with a little video camera icon which you can click to go to your class page.


Most classes will be streamed live at their normal time, however some classes will be streaming at new times due to teacher scheduling. So check the schedule below for your class. The benefit of being there for the live stream is being able to ask your teachers questions, and chat with your classmates. If you miss your class live stream, its OK because you’ll have access to the recording when you login. Please try logging in and viewing your class page in advance so we can help you solve any issues BEFORE your class.

There is a chat area below the live stream. With your parent’s permission you can chat with your classmates, and ask your teacher questions.

We are currently offering Barre Fitness classes free to all of our existing customers. We emailed a password to all customers. If you did not receive the password, please contact us.

If you have any trouble viewing your online class, please view our troubleshooting page!

Online Class Schedule:

(Login to your account to access your classes.)

Monday 9:30AM Pre-combo 3-4
Monday 9:30AM Pre-combo 5-6 (This class will be LIVE at 8:30-9:15AM)
Monday 9:30AM Barre Fitness
Monday 10:15AM Tots and Tutus
Monday 4:15PM Pre-combo 3-4
Monday 4:15PM Pre-combo 5-6
Monday 4:15PM Contemporary/Lyrical 1/2
Monday 4:15PM Life Center Pre-combo 3-6 (This class will be LIVE at 10:45-11:30AM)
Monday 5:00PM Ballet 1
Monday 5:00PM Ballet 2
Monday 5:00PM Anchor Dance Company
Monday 5:00PM Life Center Ballet/Lyrical (This class will be LIVE at 11:30AM-12:30PM)
Monday 6:00PM Tap 1
Monday 6:00PM Tap 2
Monday 6:00PM Contemporary/Lyrical 3/4
Monday 6:00PM Life Center Hip-Hop (This class will be LIVE at 8:30-9:15AM)
Monday 6:30PM Jazz 1
Monday 6:30PM Jazz 2
Monday 7:00PM Ballet 3
Monday 7:00PM Ballet 4 (This class will be LIVE Sunday 4:00-5:15PM)
Monday 7:00PM Ballet 5 (This class will be LIVE at 11:30AM-12:45PM)
Monday 8:15PM Pre-pointe
Monday 8:15PM Pointe (This class will be LIVE Sunday 5:15-6:00PM)

Tuesday 4:15PM Jazz 5 (This class will be LIVE at 4:30PM)
Tuesday 4:30PM Jazz 3
Tuesday 4:30PM Jazz 4
Tuesday 5:15PM Pre-teen combo
Tuesday 5:30PM Beacon Dance Company
Tuesday 5:30PM SOS Hip Hop Crew
Tuesday 6:30PM Tap 3
Tuesday 6:30PM Tap 4/5
Tuesday 6:30PM Advanced Breaking
Tuesday 7:30PM Hip Hop 4
Tuesday 7:30PM Hip Hop 5
Tuesday 7:30PM Teen Combo

Wednesday 9:30AM Barre Fitness
Wednesday 3:30PM Tides Company
Wednesday 4:30PM Hip Hop 1
Wednesday 4:30PM Hip Hop 2
Wednesday 5:00PM Tides Technique
Wednesday 5:15PM Pre-Hip Hop 3-4
Wednesday 5:15PM Pre-combo 3-4
Wednesday 6:00PM Pre-combo 5-6 (This class will be LIVE on MONDAY at 8:30-9:15AM)
Wednesday 6:00PM Progressing Ballet Technique 12+
Wednesday 6:45PM Ballet 3
Wednesday 6:45PM Ballet 4/5
Wednesday 6:45PM Adult Ballet (This class will be LIVE at 2:00-3:15PM)
Wednesday 8:00PM Pre-pointe
Wednesday 8:00PM Pointe
Wednesday 8:00PM Awaken Contemporary/Lyrical (LIVE at 6:00-6:45PM with LIVE Zoom at 8:00PM)

Thursday 4:15PM Tots and Tutus
Thursday 4:15PM Pre-combo 5-6
Thursday 4:45PM Hip Hop 1
Thursday 5:00PM Pre-combo 3-4
Thursday 5:00PM Lyrical/Contemporary 1/2
Thursday 5:45PM Ballet 1
Thursday 5:45PM Ballet 2
Thursday 5:45PM SOS Junior Company
Thursday 6:45PM Hip Hop 2
Thursday 6:45PM Hip Hop 3 (This class will be LIVE at 7:45-8:45PM)
Thursday 6:45PM Adult/Teen Tap
Thursday 7:45PM Beg/Int Breaking
Thursday 7:45PM Adult Hip Hop

Friday 9:30AM Barre Fitness

Saturday 9:15AM Tots and Tutus
Saturday 9:15AM Ballet 1
Saturday 9:45AM Pre-combo 3-4
Saturday 10:30AM Pre-combo 5-6

Click Here to Login To Your Account

Click Here for Barre Fitness

If you have any trouble viewing your online class, please view our troubleshooting page!

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