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Class Placement

*Placement and progress is based on age, technique and skill, with the goal of students mastering their current level before moving up. We are happy to evaluate your child’s skills for placement. When signing up for the first time at our studio, we will evaluate all students during their first few classes, and we may recommend or require moving to another level to best serve each student.

With those factors in mind, the following is a general guideline for placement.
Ages 18 months-3 years Preliminary Experience
Ages 3-6 Pre/Combo Preliminary Experience
Ages 4-6 Pre-Hip Hop Preliminary Experience
Ages 7+ Level 1 Beginning Experience
Ages 7+ Level 2 Beginning/Intermediate Experience
Ages 10+ Level 3 Intermediate Experience
Ages 13+ Level 4 Intermediate/Advanced Experience
Ages 13+ Level 5 Advanced Experience

Ages 10-12 Pre-Teen Combo Beginning/Intermediate Experience
Ages 13+ Teen Combo Beginning/Intermediate Experience
Ages 17+ Adult Combo Beginning/Intermediate Experience

Must be 13+ for Barre Fit

As you can see, we offer classes for ALL ages and ALL experience levels, including adult beginners. For a list of classes we offer, go here.

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