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Online Classes Troubleshooting

We ARE offering phone support for online classes, so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you’re unable to see your class. Leave a message if we don’t answer, as we may be out of the office or helping another customer.

In a nutshell, the easiest solutions are these:

– Try refreshing the page.
– Try a different browser.
– Try a different device.
– Make sure no one else is using your Internet.

If you are not seeing your class’s live stream page:

Make sure you are logged into your customer account (Login here).

After logging in, you can navigate to your class from the links on your account home page (Click the “Read More” link on the class list to see all classes).

After clicking YOUR class name, you should see a page that says “Online Class”, with instructions for viewing the class. If you are not seeing that page, make sure you clicked the correct class. If you clicked the correct class, make sure you’re logged into the right customer account. If you’re logged into the right customer account, and not able to see your class page, contact us!

If you’re seeing any sort of error messages when logging into your account, or while in your account:

This could be caused by a “cookie” issue. Try logging out, then log back in. Try closing your browser completely, clearing cookies, then log back in. You could also try a different browser.

If you are seeing your class page but not the live stream:

Can you see the video player? If YES, you’re seeing a black rectangle, and it probably says something like “This event is scheduled for DATE at TIME.” If you’re seeing that, you may just need to refresh the page. In some browsers, the live stream starts automatically, but in other browsers, you need to refresh the page after the teacher starts the live stream.

Simply refreshing the page after the live stream has started often solves the problem.

If you are NOT seeing the video player:

We have found there are two main reasons this sometimes happens. One is browser compatibility or browser settings. The other is Internet filter or parental control settings. We are ALL for parental controls and filters. It just so happens that they often block live streaming videos.

First try using a different browser. It “should” work in almost any browser such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, and Safari. But if its not working in one browser, often the simplest solution rather than troubleshooting that browser is to simply try a different browser. Chrome generally seems to work well. You’ll have to go through the process again of logging into your customer account.

If a different browser doesn’t help, you might consider using a different device, particularly if the device with the issue has any parental controls/filters. (You could try turning off the filter, or adjusting the settings to allow live streaming from Vimeo.com, but as we said, we’re in favor of filters, so the easier solution might be to use a different device)

Often trying a different device will solve the issue. If you’re having problems viewing it on a mobile device, you may wish to try a computer instead. Again it “should” work on any type of device, and we can help you troubleshoot it if needed, but the faster solution may be to try a different device if you hve one available.

If you tried a different browser and a different device, and its still not working, contact us.

If you are having issues with the live chat:

If the live chat is offline or not working, you may just need to refresh the page. You can then login as a guest. Type your name, accept the terms by clicking the checkbox, and click to join.

If you are seeing the video but not hearing any sound:

Make sure your sound is on. Test your speakers by playing some other sound on your device. Make sure the volume is not muted on the video player. If all those things look OK, refreshing the page usually solves the issue. If that fails, you could try a different browser or device.

If the video is skipping, lagging, or otherwise glitchy:

The most common cause of this is your Internet connection. Similar to streaming an HD movie from Netflix or Amazon, it takes constant bandwidth to live stream your class. Often the problem is that someone else in your home is using the Internet, in which case the solution is to make sure no one else is using it during your class– especially not downloading or streaming anything!

Sometimes refreshing your page can help the live stream “catch up” (you’ll just miss a little bit).

If you watch the recording (not live), you should find that it’s not glitchy. You may still have some issues playing it if your internet connection is too slow or interrupted. If you watch the recording and it is glitchy or actually skipping, then it may be on our end. We have teachers streaming from many locations. So if the recording shows that it was on our end, let us know which class and we’ll look into it!

More troubleshooting options: click here and try these suggestions
Seeing error codes on the video player? click here to see explanations

Again don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re unable to solve an issue. We want to make sure every student is able to view their classes!

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